kayak fish finder

Essential Tips on What I Wish Everyone Knew About Fish Finder

Do over 20.4kg par capita world consumption of fish trigger anything back in your mind? It`s great news if you have never had to worry about 57million people in fish production. The increasing demand for fish products over the years has significantly affected the fish population. Do you know you can still be on the top of your game if fishing is your thing? Technology has played a notable effect in the twenty-first-century fishing endeavor. With the declining fish population, this is what I wish everyone knew about fish finder. Imagine ambushing fish on their hideout?

Features of fish finder that make it unique

If you have any plans of making fishing to be fun and exciting, therefore, a fish finder is your thing. Time has come to have a significant influence on the features of fish finders. There are those unique features fishers  wished to have double check before settling on buying one. You can agree to the frustration of floating in the sea aimlessly with nothing at the end of the expedition. The following tips will guide you on the best fish finder.

Side scan

Technology has a way of catching up with people. Side scan technology in fish finder helps fisherman to explore the side of the boat. The fisherman does not have to spend more time scanning one place comparing activities. It`s easier to note the movement of fish from any direction, that you`ll have never noted.

-Installed Geographical Positioning System (GPS):

The fishing expedition may entail moving deep into the dark water. Imagine walking into strange place but still getting back with ease? The GPS installed fish finder pinpoint your exact location when in the water. There are those gadgets that are combo; they give your position and point it out on the map. For those with large scale production, they can note while moving outside their territory.

-Portable or Fixed:

People have different taste and preference. It`s important to appreciate the difference styles of fishing. Therefore, depending on your style, you can choose the fish finder that suits your fishing method. You can have the fish finder permanently fixed in your boat or portable one. A portable fish finder can be used in different situations depending on the preference of the user.


Well, though there are those specific standards of fish finders, simple distinctions can be noted. It`s important to carry out a market review before settling on a particular model. Concerning the style of fishing, there are those personal choices. Time, speed and distance are the standard features that are considered. Most of the fish finders have different features; however, you should choose depending on the method of fishing you prefer.

All in a Nutshell

In the end, all that`s of substance is a final big catch. Fish finders are those great gadgets that technology has to offer to make fishing enjoyable. Walking into your favorite fishing stop with the right arsenal, you`re guaranteed of bigger catch; it`s what people struggle to have while in water.The above is what I wish everyone knew about fish finder.


Fish Finder

A unique way of finding fish

Before we discuss why fish finder has been so popular till now.

We should know a little about fish finder. It is an instrument which helps in detecting fish under water by reflected pulses produced under water, basically a type of sonar.

Fish finder helps in detecting everything under the ocean which reflects sound whether it’s rock, wrecked ships or fish. These reflections are then displayed usually on CRT or LCD screens.

They have changed the whole fishing industry since it’s invention in early 90’s. As the chances of finding fish are increased by detecting early on screen what’s beneath the ship before setting a trap for fishes in the ocean.

As the technology has also advanced so, we are also able to use modern day technology’s like GPS navigation systems, marine radar, compasses by integrating these systems and technology with fish finder hence increasing the chances of catching the fish which you are looking for.
Fish finder helps in scanning the sea in two ways side ways and down ways. So, this way you can work on the type of trap you want to be set for the fishes.

Fishing is almost 40,000 years old. It is not just a practice; It is an art. Earlier, the fish hook was made from bones now we use steel for the same.

There are now sports on this practice which we call recreational fishing also known as big game fishing.

So, to catch more fish and to win the games the teams use advance technology’s to find fish here the fish finder comes in picture.

As we have progressed through ages, the value of time for human beings have increased substantially.

Now, no one wants to wait a whole day to catch fish so substantially the value of fish finder has also increased.

Now, in the market, there are portable fish finders which are easy to carry so if you are fishing from a small boat or kayak this little portable device can work magic for you.



Also, the fish finder now a day tells the speed of the boat so as the fisherman does not scare away the fish and also the temperature and pressure sensitivity for the safety of the fisherman.

The sale of fish finder has drastically changed since 1990’s till today.

We can see the increase in the sale as a result of a decrease in the price of the fish finder along with decrease complexity of the instrument.

Also, on eCommerce websites like Amazon or eBay you can buy fish finder and a search for a fish finder on eBay gives 3,761 results it shows the different types of fish finder there are in the market which ultimately suggests that the companies are manufacturing them as they are extensively used.

The main reason for it to be still popular is that the fish finder is still the only technology which is affordable and can be upgraded with coming technologies and helps in finding fish better comparatively with any other way at present.

It has upgraded itself with new advancement in science. Hence, still being so popular.
For buying purposes, you can check the reviews of the top affordable fish finders at the link given below

life jacket

Amazing lessons from life Jackets

A life jacket is quite an amazing life-saving tool. It is very light and very comfortable for a person to put it on.Despite the fact that not all people can afford to swim while in water, but life jacket does it all.It is so sad when you lose life when it can be prevented.Maturity of the death arises from a lack of skills for swimming or failure to put it on the life jackets.

Ten Great Lessons You Can Learn From Life Jackets.In Africa for instance, thousands of people have reported death as a result of failure to have life jacket while swimming or fishing. Boating is quite enjoyable and looking fun for the tourists, but you have to incorporate life jacket as security.

Swimming skills are also necessary if it can be learned.You can learn the skills from expert swimmers so that you can use while on water.More than 80% lives can be saved if you have swimming skills.Drowning may occur as accidents especially in areas where there are high waves and therefore having a life jacket in place and swimming skills to counter the waves can help greatly in saving your life.

Drowning or half drowning can damage your brains if you go without the oxygen for more than 10 minutes and therefore the person should be given attention by the experts as soon as possible if in case the person accidentally drown. Why do you get drown when you can prevent by use of life jackets? It is very simple and save to have them on

Safety is essential in everyday life.You can take medical cover and insurance for your property which may sometimes adopt to complete the process. Using the life jacket is as well the same since it does not require you to train on how to put it on.You just put it on like ordinary clothes and your life is protected from harm on the water.

Boating accidents occur while you are using alcohol while boating since the person may lose the stability and body balance.A life jacket is the safest way of overcoming death if in the process you fall.It is not wise to ignore the life safety requirements and equipment like safety belts. AS you consider using the safety jackets, kindly review using the following

1) Use the life jacket that fits you well and the one then you look comfortable while on water

2) Communication is necessary while you are in the water.Make sure you can be seen, and you have a friend well fitted with Orange yellow safety jacket.


3) Adjust the zip of the life safety jacket well and avoid making it loose.This is because in case you want to safe yourself, it may look very awkward, uncomfortable and heavy

4) Develop the habit of checking every day the life jacket so that you can repair the damaged areas if necessary
In conclusion, save your life and your friend’s life by using the life jacket in everyday life while on water.

Fishing Headlamps

Things That Make You Love And Hate Fishing Headlamps

When the night is still, the air is sweet, the water calm, and the moon bright over the water, there is nothing more serene than a night spent fishing in the dark. It is peaceful and pleasing to sit near the gently lapping water and wait for a bite.

However, there are also added difficulties to fishing after sunset. It is harder to bait a hook. It can be difficult to remove a fish from the line, and it can be hard to locate all of the tools and tackle needed for a successful fishing trip. Feel can do most of these tasks, but a great fishing headlamp makes each movement and steps in the dark a lot easier.

When looking for a new headlamp, it is important to keep in mind the things that make you love and hate fishing headlamps. As the annoyances and conveniences of different brands will help you make a better purchase in the future. Here are a few of the most common things people love and hate about different headlamps.

Things People Love

People love when their fishing headlamp has a LED light. LED lights use significantly less power to operate than other types of bulbs. This means LED bulbs last longer, require less maintenance and save consumers money.

People love when their headlamp has different settings. A headlamp that can project bright, white light in different manners is very valuable to a night fisherman. In flood mode, a headlamp is great for looking out over the water, perhaps from a boat or other vessel, while Spotlight allows the fisherman to focus on fixing a line or baiting a hook.

People love when their fishing headlamp can adjust brightness. Each headlamp has a maximum lumens output. This is how bright the headlamp can shine. The lumens from a candle is between 10 and 20, while some headlamps come in at 120 lumens. The best headlamps are those that have a way to adjust the lumens output and therefore increase or decrease brightness.

Things People Hate

People hate when their headlamp dies in the middle of a fishing trip. The key to fixing this problem is finding a headlamp that is rechargeable. On average, a fishing headlamp should last through an entire fishing trip, but there is nothing worse than being in a remote area without access to new batteries. Better yet, choose a headlamp that is both rechargeable and battery operated for a great backup power source.

People hate when their fishing headlamp can’t withstand water and dirt. A fishing headlamp needs to be durable. First, it needs to be packed away, often inside a rucksack or crowded tackle box. Second, it needs to be worn in many different conditions. A fishing headlamp must be waterproof, in the case of rain or splashing water, and able to withstand a few drops and spills.

People hate when their fishing headlamps do not fit properly. There are two styles of headlamps, those that have a single band around the head and those that come with a double band. Choose the one that fits your needs and head shape. As well, many headlamps have adjustable bands, which can make a big difference if a hat or rain jacket are needed on a certain night.

There is one common denominator between those things that people love about a headlamp and those that are hated. This common denominator is that people love when a headlamp provides options for a user, and people hate when a headlamp restricts options.

Trolling Motors

Ten Facts about Trolling Motors

Trolling Motors are the most valuable weapon for any anglers, and it is no more considered as a tool. If you have trolling motors in your boat, you can have the best time in the water. We are going to see some most important facts about Trolling motors that will be very much appealing to any anglers. They are as follows:

  1. You need not replace your old trolling motor for the new one; there are some companies which can upgrade the new additional technologies in the previous version you possess.
  2. You do not have to worry anymore whether the water is salted or fresh since with the advancement of the technology you can now purchase Trolling motor which works equally good in fresh and salt water.
  3. Trolling Motor allow you to move faster as compared to paddling and therefore you can cover a large area without getting tired.
  4. The first thing you need to consider before buying trolling motor is the size of your boat, and depending on the size you can consider buying motors of 12 volts, 24 volts and so on
  5. The next important thing needs to be considered the weight of your boat depending on which you will select the thrust of the motor which comes in 30 pounds, 40 pounds and so on.
  6. Next is how much batteries your boat can accommodate. Since depending on the size of your ship and space for batteries, you can select different volt of motors. Cell selection is the most important. You should always buy high-quality deep cycle battery.
  7. Next is the type of water you are going to sail in. Though there is also available trolling motor which can be used in both fresh and salted water it cost higher than a specific one type. If you happen to sail only in fresh water than you better buy only the specific one and save some pennies.
  8. A trolling motor can be broadly divided into two types; one is Transform Mount motor and the other is Bow Mount. Bow Mounted can be operated by foot and hand and can be controlled wirelessly where as transform engine can only be operated by hand and the earlier one is of course more expensive than the later one. Bow mounted engine also gives greater boat control and positioning as compared to transform motor.
  9. Next, comes is the length of the shaft which you need to worry of only if you have both the bow and transform mounted the motor. It is harder to select the length of the shaft in bow mounted trolling motor than in transform mount.
  10. While choosing Trolling motor you should prefer the larger outboard because they are quite and little noise and limited water disturbance mean there are fewer chances of you scoring fishes. Also, consider the ease of attaching and removing the trolling motors as some are very easy to handle whereas some are for fixing permanently.

Name of some of the companies selling Trolling Motors is Minn Kota, Johnson Outdoors, Newport Vessels, MotorGuide, SE Sport, Attwood, Rhodan Marine, Humminbird, ProMariner, T-H Marine Supplies, Watersnake, Seachoice products.